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What is Asthma?

Asthma is caused when the tubes in your lungs constrict due to exposure to something inside the body (ie a virus) or something outside the body (ie pollen, or perfume) This makes the airways narrow and can cause a wheezing sound or trigger a cough

Why is this a problem?

For many people with Asthma, it is common to have to miss out on work, school, or certain activities they enjoy due to their shortness of breath. Also the irritation in the lungs over time can permanently damage lung tissue. Some adults who have had poorly managed asthma throughout their lives may develop other lung conditions, such as COPD because of the damage

How do we treat it?

Avoid Triggers- It is very common for someone has allergies, they may develop asthma symptoms when they are exposed. Identifying these triggers and avoiding them can be very helpful when managing asthma

Use your Inhalers- Many people with Asthma will be prescribed inhalers to help manage their symptoms. Some inhalers open up the lungs quickly (rescue inhaler) while others make the lungs less sensitive to triggers (maintenance)

Staying Active- Aerobic exercises such as swimming, running, etc. help to build lung capacity. Activity does not get rid of the asthma, but it helps strengthen the lungs, and having a higher lung capacity means that if you are exposed to a trigger, your lungs might still function well enough that you don’t have to miss school, or end up in the hospital

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